Coming Soon: The Humble Bumble!!!!

Coming soon to an Etsy store near you: the Humble Bumble, an amigurumi bee crochet store!! That’s right, I am starting an Etsy store!!!! This store is going to focus centrally on amigurumi bees and bee related items, such as pencil toppers, keychains, pillows, and headbands!!

Why the focus on bees you may ask? Well, it’s because 20% of each purchase will go to the Honeybee Conservancy, to help save the bees!!!

We rely on bees to pollinate so much of our our foods, from fruits and vegetables, to nuts, even to cotton. Without bees, we would no longer be able to eat nuts like almonds or cashews, and products like apples, pumpkins, and even onions would no longer be available. Over thirty percent of the worlds crops and ninety percent of the worlds wild plants rely on cross pollination from bees to grow. $15 billion a year of crops in the United States alone rely on bees, and the honey industry brings in $150 million a year.

And yet, over 25% of the managed bee population in the United States have mysteriously died out since 1990. Scientists are calling this disappearance Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), and we have very little idea as to what’s causing it. The best guesses are excessive pesticide use in the fields the honeybees are pollinating that are killing these essential little creatures by the dozens.

The Honeybee Conservancy is working to support research into Colony Collapse Disorder, support local food initiatives and beekeepers, promote local environmental and science education, and inspire communities to plant bee habitats and create hives. You can help them protect the bees by donating, planting a bee garden, or buying some of my crocheted bee themed items once my store is up!!

We can make a difference guys! Let’s help save the bees!!

About Me

Who Am I?

Who am I? Good question! Do I have a good answer? Not at all! I know that I’m sixteen, and I know I write. I know I like cats and dragons and tea (Like. I really like tea guys.) Is that a good enough answer for now? Well, it’s going to have to be!

See, I’m in that wonderful phase of life filled with midterms, dating drama, and growth. Because that’s what the teenage years are really about, right? High school is about growing. It’s about finding out what you like by trying out classes with teachers you really don’t like. It’s about learning whether you like to kiss boys or girls, whether you like dresses or binders, whether you hate drawing or hate math class. It’s about exploring yourself and growing into your body, both figuratively and literally.

And that’s sort of what I’m doing. I’m growing. I’m learning about myself, and while I have learned some things, I’ve still got a lot of work to do before I can confidently tell you that I’m X, Y, Z. Because in two weeks, I might not be X, Y, Z, I’ll be L, M, N! So here’s what we are going to do. We are going to make a deal here. Just a little, secret thing between the two of us.

I promise that I’ll show you all my growing. I’ll tell you all about my struggles of getting a job, learning to drive, slowly joining the publishing scene, and balancing dating when you are as queer as it gets. And you will promise me that you will keep growing too. Even if you aren’t a teenager. Because really, do we ever stop growing?